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Post your specs!
i5 7600K
MSI Z270-A-PRO Motherboard
EVGA 1050ti OC  
8GB of DDR4 ram
800w Chinese power supply
NZXT White computer case
2 TB internal hard drives
4 TB external hard drive
------- Jeremy -------
XenoRP Donator and Moderator

So, you can buy a fucking lit ass pc, but you still talk out of your iphone mic with a usb dongle??? Spend a bit more money on a mic crenge boi.

I'm actually posting my specs now that my pc isn't that bad..

Name: the not so gnarly flaming lightning beast.
CPU: Ryzen 5 1400 clocked at 3.40 GHz. Planning on the 3.80 OC once I actually get a not shitty psu. Got it for $120 rather than $160.
GPU: Nvidia GT 740 4GB GDDR5.. Not a bad card for $45 used. EZ gpu since bitcoin still makes a 1060 $500. Only downside is no Shadowplay. Fraps will have to do.
HDD: 2 Seagate 150GB shitty drives out of my dad's dusty fucking beast of an old intel pc. $10 for sure on these.
PSU: 750W+ BLUE... It makes weird noises sometimes. It's a good thing the most expensive thing I can just replace easily. $35 I think.
Case: ... Probably the best $36 case I've ever seen. 4 great working usb slots. 2 being 3.0 which is super cool. Only problem was shorter cables are a no go for this pc. Probably because the case is a bit big for mATX, but that was the form factor so you know.
MOBO: MSI mATX Mortar Arctic. Good board for $80ish dollars. OC ready too.
RAM: Corsair 16GB DDR4 2400MHz dual-channel. Got it for $120 from an ebay ad selling them new. Best ram I could have asked for to be honest.

All of this ^^^ was about $470. Worth it considering I play all games on highest settings. Lit as fuckkkkkkkkkkk

Now for my used stuff I've had since I was 10.

Monitors: 2 old dell monitors.. 1680x1050 for my primary. 1680x1200 for the secondary. Best 2009 gaming experience ever. Love the old battlefield games.
Mouse: Something eagle. Even says it's a gaming mouse on the left click. Comes with 4 dpi settings. I got for $9. Lit asf.
Keyboard: Something wing. Got it on a newegg deal for $15. Comes with 3 colors changes. The enter key on the keypad broke within a month. Also the red led turned pink when I slammed it a few times. I wonder why...
Headset: I use the samsung earbuds you get with a Galaxy 6s+. I can only use the right ear though and I can only hear out of my left ear. I wrap it around my left ear. No joke.
Microphone: Some kid gave me money for my CC. He never plays anymore. Since he paid GBP, I got like $16 from him. I have the TONOR USB $15.99 mic. It's finna get.
Steven / Server Administrator

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