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Reporting Krackle
(03-13-2018, 11:31 PM)jEk Wrote: I know this is not at all related to this situation at all but Mack don't think that you're the victim. Once me and Thomas J M saw the video that you uploaded we decided to get on and see if we could mess with you. Once we got onto the server, we decided to go to your base and raid you. Once we adverted raid in chat, you ran into your base, held down your fading door keys and ran in which is FDA and it is a very blatant form of FDA which is shown in the video. If anyone wants this video of him doing this, message me.

- Thanks in advance!

Jek can you pm me the video in discord or put it in liz's channel?
I'm not in liz's discord anymore, I left it lol but if you wanna give me a invite ill join back or ill just ask Liz
What is your discord then jek so I can send an invite
Your video doesn't show enough evidence to prove or disprove the breaking of any rules. //CLOSED
Steven / Server Administrator

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