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Server Name SteamID Reason Status
Xeno DarkRP Kamerun 76561198032079407 LTAP, Rdmx7, No intent to rp, Rdm in sit Inactive View
Xeno DarkRP 房子杂志的胜利 76561198289776705 Prop spam, Attempt to crash the server Inactive View
Xeno DarkRP JERRYTHECAR 76561198360899919 Attempting to crash the server Active View
Xeno DarkRP nick jonas from wizard 101 76561198084555573 Mass rdm. No intent to rp. Attempt to crash server. Active View
Xeno DarkRP Mr Mann 76561198092145034 Breaking nl r(124,964 times) Mass RDM, Troll, Minge, No intent to RP Active View
Xeno DarkRP Axe 76561198336898260 Mass rdm (72+) Inactive View
Xeno DarkRP POWEROFISLAM(PBUH) 76561198334610101 MASS RDM Active View
Xeno DarkRP s6m 76561198333815705 Threating to ddos server Active View
Xeno DarkRP RainingInReverse 76561198154515242 Threating to ddos Active View
Xeno DarkRP slepey 76561198174766301 Mass rdm, Nice aimbot Active View
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