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Server Name SteamID Reason Status
Xeno DarkRP ツ Daddy ツ (No Mic) 76561198043169583 Enjoy your free vacation. Mass rdm. Active View
Xeno DarkRP Ben 76561198262706891 Ltap, Mass rdm, Radom tase, Tase in sit Active View
Xeno DarkRP Cosmic 76561198142773796 reason Inactive View
Xeno DarkRP Yaytaltitty 76561198314808485 Active View
Xeno DarkRP zeffs 76561198101495500 Exploitation Inactive View
Xeno DarkRP mana0303 76561198086268914 You are reasonably suspected of having been involved with, or having directly organized, an attack against this server, which involved the dangerous exploitation of our systems and security. Active View
Xeno DarkRP チップチップリーダー 76561198303866423 Threats to take down the server. Active View
Xeno DarkRP garryn 76561198195919794 Exploitation Active View
Xeno DarkRP j 76561198202847549 Threats to ddos, Rdmx4, No intent to rp, Rdm in sit Active View
Xeno DarkRP 55 Gallons Of Pure Passion Lube 76561198170489367 No intent to rp, Spamming chat with racist comments, Ltap, Rdmx4 Active View
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